Pearl Jam Network: A Fan's Obsession for Awhile

This was Adam Frucci's website created as a comprehensive resource of Pearl Jams lyrics and song information. It provided along with tour information, searchable lyrics archive, quotation database, exclusive photos, and original features such as the Rumor Pit. The content below is from the site's 2002 archived pages. The resurrected site is a tribute to not only Adam's drive when he was a passionate Pearl Jam fan, but also to the band itself. Enjoy


That’s All Folks

I owe a lot to Pearl Jam. They basically taught me to love and obsess over music, they were my first true musical love. I sat in my room listening to their albums over and over, I traded for their concerts without restraint, getting shows for their daughter tag alone. I salivated over every piece of Pearl Jam trivia I could find, and I got in touch with as many other rabid fans as possible to talk about our obsession.

So why, after years of absolutely loving this band and their music, has the spark faded for me? I think it can be attributed to the maturation of myself as well as the maturation of the band. I was in 6th grade when I started this site, 8 long years ago. I really didn't listen to much besides Pearl Jam for a while in the middle of that stretch, they were all I needed. But I've grown and changed, and my musical tastes have done so as well. I still love the music that I was so obsessed with a couple years ago, but I just don't feel the urge to listen to it anymore. Once in a while its nice, but it's a rare occurrence.

It's been a couple of years since I've really been a huge Pearl Jam fan. I was probably at my peak during and after the Binaural tour, but in the period of inactivity following the release of the bootlegs and Touring Band 2000, things started to change. I just slowly stopped listening to PJ on a regular basis. When they played the Bridge School Benefit shows and debuted I Am Mine and Lost Soldier, I was entirely unimpressed. Neither song warranted more than one or two listens for me. And when Ed busted out his trusty Uke for the Concert for Artists Rights and ATP shows, I was even more put off. The songs he debuted were absolutely horrible. Not just uninteresting, but bad. Bad lyrics, bad music, just plain bad.

Fast forward to when I heard Riot Act. I tried so hard to love this album, I really truly wanted to. Alas, it just doesn't grab me. The songs just don't stand out to me at all, lyrically and musically. There are no songs that jump out and remind me why I loved this band so much in the first place. I never thought to myself, "hey, I could really go for listening to Riot Act right now." It just did absolutely nothing for me.

Combine my complete lack of interest with every song written in the last couple years with the dropping level of respect I had for the band, and that can basically explain why I don't consider Pearl Jam my favorite band anymore. I had always held a special place in my heart for PJ because I viewed them as above all other bands playing the rock star game. They were near saints to me; always acting in accordance with their own personal values and not giving into the industry. They rarely gave interviews, refused to tour with ticketmaster, and didn't do videos because they hated the process. They stuck by what they said, they lived the values they talked about. However, more and more often I saw the band doing and saying things that I just couldn't understand them doing. Jeff commenting on the shallow nature of the dot-com industry after sending his vacation photos of heli-boarding in Alaska with pro snowboarders out in the last Ten Club newsletter. Ed playing a private show for the CEO of RealNetworks. Ed sounding like a pompous ass seemingly whenever he spoke in public. Insensitive Christmas single artwork. A lousy video for I Am Mine that seemed to exist for the sole purpose of focusing on Ed's dreamy blue eyes. Loads of promotion for Riot Act, including an AOL first listen and MSN exclusive video. What was happening to my pinnacles of anti-corporate rock music? Perhaps some people see these things as fine, but to me, they heavily damaged my view of the band.

So with the new music not keeping me interested, and my respect for the band quickly falling, what was to keep me around as a PJ fanatic? As it turns out, not much. During all this time in which I was losing interest in Pearl Jam I was discovering hundreds of other bands that had completely captivated me. My musical tastes were growing and changing, rapidly. I'm not going to get preachy and give you a list of bands I like better than Pearl Jam now, but it's safe to say my fading obsession with Pearl Jam was replaced with these other artists that gave me the feeling that Pearl Jam use to.

Even after I realized that Pearl Jam just didn't do what they used to to me, I kept running PJN. It was a great hobby, and I truly enjoyed running the site. I met tons of great people who I'm still friends with, and I didn't mind paying for the hosting out of my pocket. It really made me feel good to do a service to the fan community, I felt like I was doing something that people really appreciated. What started as a way to learn HTML has turned into a monstrous project, one that brought in over 200,000 monthly visitors at its peak. I'm still very proud of what the site became. However things have changed. With the increasing popularity of the site, hosting costs have increased. I've been paying upwards of $100 a month out of pocket, which is a price I can definitely not afford as a college student with no income source.

In addition to the costs, I began feeling like it just wasn't worth it anymore. Other sites are doing everything this site does. I feel like I've gotten more "what's the name of that oh where oh where could my baby be song?!?!" than serious emails from fans. I received an angry phone call from a certain fan club president that just further lowered my respect for the Pearl Jam organization. I'm just tired of dealing with the responsibilities that come along with running a high-traffic website. It's draining my bank account and giving me headaches I don't need. When I don't really love the band I'm supporting anymore, my sites' content is no longer original, I'm receiving angry calls from the bands arrogant management, I'm losing lots of money, and I'm dealing with idiots on a regular basis, why keep it up?

So, after a lot of thought, I have decided to shut down PJN. It's been an amazing experience, one I would do over again in a heartbeat. I've learned so much through running this site, and I'll always remember the experiences I had because of it. I'm giving the original content from this site to Scott at the Sky I Scrape, and I'm going to continue to moderate Master/Slave on DelphiForums. I want to thank everyone whose ever helped me out with the site, as well as everyone whose ever visited. It's been amazing.

See you at the shows.

- Adam Frucci, 11/12/02


We welcome you to the Pearl Jam Rumor Pit

Issue #50 - March 26, 2002


Hey Jammers! This newsletter was created as a direct link to the fans. If you would like to ask a question about Pearl Jam, the Vitalogy Health Club asks that you please direct your questions (not fan club issues) to or We're off now...into the Pit!



6/5/02- Ten Club Newsletter Coming Soon:

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Reminder: If you'd like to receive Newsletter 19 and haven't joined yet, you can join on for the next week and still make the mailing deadline.


4/20/02- Layne Staley of Alice in Chains (1967-2002):

We would like to express our deepest condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of Layne Staley. His memory will live on forever in the hearts of everyone he has touched. Peace, Kat and Sea.


4/17/02- New Album Update:

There's a rumor going around that it's completed...not true, they're still in the studio. As usual, it'll be done when it's done...release will be early next year. We can't wait either. :)



Deja Vu...

Flashback to Rumor Pit #39 when we first dared to speak of the phenomenon known as N.P.J.A.A. (New Pearl Jam Album Anxiety). Yes Jammers, we've seen signs of it happening again -- rumored release dates, possible track listings, continuous requests for details on the new album. If you are dreaming of track lists and contemplating every record release date on your calendar, you too, may be afflicted. While there is no cure -- and really why would you want to be cured? -- years of intensive research have proven that symptoms can be relieved by a groovin' regimen of listening to Pearl Jam's music and tipping cows. Other than's just a wee bit too early for N.P.J.A.A., but the time's going to fly by and before we know it, the albums will be out! (we're just kidding about the tipping cows part.)


Rarities and Studio Album Plans...

We're happy to report that Pearl Jam will be going back into the studio in April to finish work on their new album. It's going very well. They're also working on the rarities album and should be deciding on the final tracklisting in the next month or so. The rarities should be out by end of this year now with the new studio album following it early next year.


The "T" Word...

There are a lot of rumored shows and tour stops flying around at the moment but there are no shows scheduled. As usual, they like to hit the road right after a new studio album comes out. Current thinking/plans are to tour in Australia/New Zealand next, possibly kicking off again from Hawaii.


Musique, Cote...

Brad, Stone's side band, will be releasing their third album this summer on the Redline record label. They'll tour in support of the album some time in 2002-2003. No tour dates are available at this time but you can keep an eye out for them.


Class of 2002...

If you weren't able to see Ed's compelling tribute inducting the Ramones into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York on March 18th, you can find a transcript on Synergy in the Echoes section. You can also follow the link included there to VH1 for the video version of Ed's speech honoring the amazing Ramones.

Reminder: Eddie has contributed a song to the upcoming Ramones tribute album due to be released in June or July.

Rumors, Rumours, Rumors...

PEARL Rumor: There was printed in a newspaper here in Brazil that Eddie is going to record some kind of benefit album with Bono from U2. Is that true? 
    JAM Fact: No.

PEARL Rumor: Any truth in the rumour of a solo album by Eddie Vedder? 
    JAM Fact: No.

PEARL Rumor: The rarities album is going to be titled "Music for Rhinos" after a very old PJ shirt designed by Ames. 
    JAM Fact: False.


Q: A radio station in Portland, Maine announced the cancellation of Rage Against The Machine at Ozzfest, the RATM album is still due for release and Soundgarden may be getting back together. Is Matt Cameron leaving Pearl Jam? 
    A: Matt is staying. Everything is fine.

Q: Will the current climate of world events affect Pearl Jam's choices of where to tour? 
    A: Sure.

Q: Will the decisions be made for the safety of their fans? 
    A: Yes.

Q: Now, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have done it.... R.E.M. have done it.... The WHO have done it...So, when is Pearl Jam going to be on The Simpsons? 
    A: We turned it down a few years ago.

Q: Will Brendan O'Brien have anything to do with the new album? 
    A: Maybe.

Q: This year's Christmas single caused some controversy for some fans. What was the band's reaction to that? Personally I thought it was bold and brilliant. 
    A: No big reaction.

Q: I was wondering if you know what happened to the artwork that was used in the Jeremy video (the various ones that were surrounding Jeremy in the woods) and if it is possible to purchase them. 
    A: Director Mark Pellington has it.

Missing Gear Guru Found...

Q: What can you tell us about Ed's ukulele? 
    A: Ed's main uke is a 1940's Martin tenor ukulele. He also has an 8-string tenor uke that he likes, but I can't recall the manufacturer at this time. I believe he procured it while in Hawaii. The 8-string, conversely, is not a vintage instrument. The uke Ed smashed at the All Tomorrow's Parties show was his first ukulele. It was a very inexpensive standard, or concert, ukulele, manufactured by Tanaka, I believe. However, it did get used live for a while before Ed invested in some nicer ukes.

Q: I was wondering if you can tell me what brand and key harmonica Eddie Vedder plays in Smile. One of my friends says it is a Chromatic E, but I read online that it is a Diatonic C. 
    A: For all PJ songs which may utilize harmonica (except Last Soldier), Ed uses a Hohner Marine Band harmonica, regular tuning key of G. The Marine Band model is a diatonic scale. For more information,

Ten Club Ticket Query...

Q: On the next tour, will fan club tickets be distributed on the same system as the 2000 tour? 
    A: Probably not.

Q: If not, what are the changes? How will it work? 
    A: We will most likely stick with the same pick up at the Ten Club window policy, but we're working on some exciting changes. Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted.


The Ten Club: Please send your questions about fan club issues to the Ten Club only. You'll find Ten Club updates on the official Ten Club website. We just have to forward the fan club mail if it's sent to us and that's a slight delay. Thanks!

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Peace and Love, 
Kat and Sea